OK, so, we haven’t even started this project yet, and already we are at risk. Coco, the kitchen designer, let Randy know today that the cabinets will be delayed by three or four days because the doors won’t be ready. There are, like, 50 (OK, two) REALLY BIG THINGS linked as dependants to the cabinet installation: the countertops can’t be measured, cut, and installed, and the appliances can’t be installed. The solution? Install the cabinets but leave the doors off until they’re ready. Bingo!

I guess the project has actually started since the cabinets are being made . . . we just can’t see that, so my perception is skewed. What is it that we consultants say to each other to bring us down from the outer space our clients send us to? “It’s all about perception.” It doesn’t actually matter what the fact/truth is at all. The only thing that matters is what is perceived. And btw, I’ve learnt that perception can also be contrived if it’s useful.

I’m looking forward to being a client for once, just so I can give back what is so often and so generously shared with me 😉

Marie-Ann, the head designer, has given a cabinet-colored wooden post a thumbs-up on the Jatoba island extension. That or stainless steel. I’m not convinced of either. I think it should be the same granite as the countertops. I’ll defer to her good design knowledge, though. I already know that I’m not good with color.

Robert, from the general contracting company, has put a project plan together at last and will share that with us sometime this week. It will be interesting to see how his plan and ours lines up. Stay tuned!