Grilled Alaskan King Crabs

Grilled Alaskan King Crabs
This may be the best way to enjoy Alaskan King Crabs. It’s extremely easy. The hard part of this recipe is keeping the crabs on the grill. They’re strong enough to open the lid and escape.
2 Kg Frozen Alaskan King Crab Legs
¼ cup melted butter, salted
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 Pre-heat covered grill to 400°F (200 C). If you have hickory or mesquite wood chips, place about 1½ cups in an open foil pouch, with ¼ cup of water, while pre-heating and leave it in during cooking.
2 Whisk the garlic into the butter and reserve.
3 Place the frozen crab legs directly on the grill for 14-16 minutes, depending on the thickness of the legs. Usually, 14 minutes will do, unless you’re at the height of the King Crab seasons.
4 After about 5 minutes, brush or drizzle the garlic butter mixture over the legs. There will be some flaming. This is a good thing.
5 About half-way through grilling, turn the legs over.
6 About 2 minutes before the end of cooking drizzle or brush the remaining butter over the legs. Watch out for more flames.
7 When done, remove to a metal tray and cover with foil. Let stand for 3-4 minutes to let the crab meat absorb any liquid in the shell. Serve with or without melted butter.
Servings: 4
Yield: 4 Crab Legs Per Person
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 14 minutes
Ready in: 30 minutes
 Recipe Type
These may be the best crab legs ever – Kris 15/12/2006
Kris went to bed and left me alone with the crab claws. Note: There are no crab claws left. This recipe is a keeper. Simple, fast, and amazing. – Chef Randy 14/12/2006
 Recipe Source
Author: Randall S. BeckerSource: Heck’s Kitchen

This recipe was done in a panic, when the kitchen was a complete mess and access to equipment was limited. Even with all that, it worked out perfectly.

 Nutrition Facts
Serving size: 1 serving
Percent daily values based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Nutrition information calculated from recipe ingredients.
Amount Per Serving
Calories 436.06
Calories From Fat (9%) 39.95
% Daily Value
Total Fat 4.45g 7%
Saturated Fat 1.36g 7%
Cholesterol 213.81mg 71%
Sodium 4190.59mg 175%
Potassium 1029.45mg 29%
Carbohydrates 0.74g 0%
Dietary Fiber 0.05g 0%
Sugar 0.02g
Sugar Alcohols 0.00g
Net Carbohydrates 0.70g
Protein 91.61g 183%
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