Electric Octopus

The electric octopus, Octopi electricus, apparently a pet of one of the contractors, may have been lurking around Kris’ desk. It is a strange creature that makes a humming sound as it works, around 60Hz in North America. We’re trying to work out whether it is a symbiote of the Wire Fish, or a predator. Since it’s hard to find the two of them in the same place at the same time, it’s difficult to say for certain. The electric octopus has been anecdotally linked to some major renovation fires, particularly those with high populations of sawdust bunnies and PDA devices. We’re pretty sure that this is a malicious creature that actually enjoys noise, tripping people, and general chaos.

Warning: once such creature, named Ollie, was known to live under the bed of Chef Randy’s sister. Late at night, she feared the potential of a shocking surprise.


As you can see, from the artist’s rendition, this is not a creature you want to cross. It will get really short with you. Note this charring near the plug. This is a fire just waiting to spark. Sometimes, it’s tentacles get clogged. This can lead tofaulty connections. Oh, and the electric octopus does not like puns at all.

One mutant example of the species, with only four tentacles was recently captured on film. As you can see, it’s not the largest of the species, and the joints where two other tentacles might have been, aren’t really useful and may actually be vestigial. From its location, it appears that the electric octopus may be drawn to hideous wallpaper.


This same creature escape our grasp in the renovation, and slithered upstairs. To its great surprise, Heck’s Kitty, Cheveyo, caught it and is now driving it crazy.

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