Intern Rhys

RhysMixerHere’s where Rhys gets to talk. He doesn’t say much, but acts real cute. The picture below is of Rhys, when he got hold of various mixer parts while I was making Chocolate Soufflé. We’re hoping Rhys will continue adding content, but he’s a man of action and few words.

January 19th, 2008
Sorry all my fans… my first E-mail to dad about my blog got blocked so I’ll make this one short

  1. I’m gonna blog every week so stay alert
  2. If ya think you’re recipe is good email me your recipe and I will try to put it on our website.

Remember put your name, the date you send the recipe and the recipe so then I can put it on the website

March 15th, 2007
I can’t believe I had the first salmon for … more than two weeks. Wait, that’s probably not a lot, oh well. I still think Chevey doesn’t like me. I stopped him from having his vegetables. But having Heck’s Kitchen actually running and functional in three days gets me really excited, although, I can’t exactly get the vision of the kitchen, sadly.
March 12th, 2007
There’s chaos in the kitchen and Kris is still reading magazines looking for inspiration. I still wonder if Chevey likes me. I’m still thinking about what else to write. Stay tuned. I can wait until we actually get back to doing Heck’s Kitchens. Eating in restaurants sucks (except for the local wings place). It really does.
February 24th, 2007
The beginning of my blog is simply three words: “Where’s the food?” My dad can’t call it Heck’s Kitchen, I mean come on Kitchen. Kitchen, food, duh! Well, at least donuts for breakfast – that’s good. Oh, but when the renovation’s done: pizza at 5:30! Mmmmm! I wonder if Chevey likes me. I sure hope so. Maybe you should look at the Chevey Blog. I bet he thinks “Ooooo, a new cat toy!” All I want is for dad to take it a bit easy. I’ll write back soon. – Rhys.

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