The seder is WHEN??

Heck’s kitchen has been online for a couple of weeks now, and because things are functional, neither Randy nor I have been really pushing to finish things, even those that we can control, like figuring out where things will go and then putting them there. With the impending seder, however, we’ve had to start pulling things out of boxes so we can cook.

Randy’s mom is here, helping with the cooking, and we are methodically stealing – oops, I mean “borrowing” recipes by writing everything down. Right now we’re learning about Passover-style cabbage rolls (with matzo instead of rice).

We used the kitchen in earnest for the first time today, using all resources, including the new island prep sink and garbage disposal. Guess what? The new prep sink clogged up. Randy spent a while using the plumber’s snake to fix the problem, and we’ll need to have the contractor redo the pipes underneath.

Yesterday I went a little nuts buying furniture. I bought a new round table for the breakfast room and six chairs. The table is oval when the leaf is in. It has beautiful inlaid wood in a pattern on the top, and a four-column pedestal. Randy didn’t like the chairs I picked out so we spent some time walking around the store and finally settled on the chairs they originally had around the table. They’re OK and yes they’re more cushy than the ones I picked, but less cool. Anyway, while we were there, we bought a 9 x 12 wool rug for the dining room that is just stunning. It has beige, green, and gold colors and also lots of the gorgeous ginger color of the dining room walls, above the wainscoting. I still don’t have a chaise for the sanctuary, though. I’m making do with the loveseat from my living room but it’s just too big and overstuffed. I’ll find it, I’ll just need to be patient.

Chevey is doing really well with his new food, but I’m having trouble finding it. I did find a store that will order it for me, and it will be in on Wednesday evening.