Heck’s Kitchen has been blessed with some real creative nuts. More than two hundred original recipes, and a few serious adaptations have been made to the classics are part of our repertoire. We’re planning on sharing some of the tastiest here, including nutritional content, although most of the time, you probably don’t want to know.

One key reason that I got into cooking for myself was because of allergies that some of my friends and family have. Personally, capsicum is a bad word around here. Most of the recipes you’ll see will have substitutions for ingredients that are forbidden around here. I’ll even try to provide details and history as time permits. Feel free to send me your suggestions. The allergies page will be updated from time to time as I find good links about food allergies.

I’ve just posted a recipe to the site: Creamed Spinach, or Screamed Spinach as it was called on Halloween when it was first pushed on the public. Look inside for information and please let me know what you think.


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