This allergy page is not meant as an exhaustive treatise on food allergies. However, as I find good links about food allergies, I’ll update the page. Of course, enlightened self-interest has me talking about my families allergies first, so please, be patient if your allergy doesn’t show up.


Capsicum is part of the broad Nightshade family. This includes bell peppers, chillies, cayenne, egg plant, okra, and is somewhat related to potatoes and tomatoes. Remember what your momĀ  said about not eating the green parts of potatoes? Well this may be why. I continue to have this allergy, and my younger son is somewhat sensitive. Considering I grew up on Sichuan and Cajun food, this is a major hardship. Here are some links we’ve found so far relating to Capsicum allergies:

Drug Digest

Allergy Net

Related allergies: tomatoes, potatoes, latex

Pet Peeves:

  • Prepared foods listing “Spices” as an ingredient.
  • Restaurant workers who don’t know what’s in their food and don’t admit it.


Very early on, when I was allergic to chocolate – it’s gone, people, you too can get over chocolate allergies – my family discovered that my sister and anaphylactic reactions to walnuts and pecans. So much for pecan pie in my house. Here’s some information on this rather difficult to avoid allergy. Walnut oil is in a lot of products these days.

Allergy Net

Related allergies: pecans

Pet Peeves: As the use of peanut oil decreases, walnut oil is used more in restaurant kitchens.

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