Prayrie Dog

The most common critter found in a renovation, unless they take a vacation through the whole project, is the prayrie dog. These creatures (Parenticus panicus) keep popping their heads into the renovation area through doors, windows, holes, and unfinished enclosures. Frequently, they will ask questions like: “Are you done yet?”; “Is there anything I can do to help?”; “What was that noise?”; “Want a coffee or donut?”; and worse, “I think I’d like to change something.” The thing to remember about these creatures is that they are only just praying that the renovation will go without a hitch and won’t have to call in Mike Holmes to fix it afterwards.


The above image is just an artists rendition of what one of these creatures looks like at the end of a long day. They’re pretty quick to escape to the bathroom, so pictures are very hard to come by. Their faces tend to be pretty pale from worrying about everything and from total exhaustion. For an actual photograph, go to Chef Randy’s page. Must… resist.. checking… on… noises.

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