Texas Long-Horn Kitty

(sp. Felidae BiggusHornius) A recent import to the North-East, and an unconfirmed relative of the basselope, this feline preys on renovation critters. It’s sharp horns are ideal for stabbing into corners and hard to reach places. Don’t mess with this kitty.

As this feline grows into a full adult cat, it becomes slightly unbalanced. It’s broad horns are so heavy that this critter walks usually only on it’s front legs. This feline wears it’s weapons openly, on its head, instead of in a jacket pocket. It’s a proud creature and does it’s job of keeping renovation critters in check very well.

Last weekend, a colleague returned from safari in what’s known up here, to pilots anyway, as Tiger Country – the area between Ottawa and Peterborough – with a wonderful picture of a very young long-horned kitty. Note the very long horns, even at this young age. We think this example probably doesn’t have any lynx parentage and are a bit puzzled by that. The picture was taken just east of the Lindsay airport in Ontario, home of the some of the best butter tarts around. We think it may be hunting butter tarts in this picture.

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