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Where we bring people up to date on the blow-by-blow details of the Heck’s Kitchen renovation.

Website Converted

Well, enough cob-webs – although Kira might like them because spiders are wriggly and tasty. I’ve updated the website to WordPress 3.8.1 from FrontPage …uh… I dunno what version but it’s OLD. My company is making me do this so we can test out stuff before it goes live, so that’s ok with me. And this way, Kris can blog here too without waiting for me to take the changes via email, turn on the old XP machine with FrontPage on it, put it into FrontPage, hit the publish button, and hope it all works. Besides, support for FrontPage goes away soon, so we’d be in trouble. And with that… a la cuisine!

Done. Just Done.

2230h: I’m done for the night. All supply valves have been soldered, just waiting for T’s, positioning, and cabinets. All except one. I think Chevey took one valve, and it’s plastic bag, and hid it, the brat.

1630h: We’ll we’re done for the day. The guys have left, and we’ve decided to pull down the drywall. Apparently, “It’s an R2000 Home” is now the fourth great lie. The vapour barrier is totally trashed and the insulation is missing in spots. Kris is having to calm me down.
The dust in here is just terrible.

1445h: Now if I could only get off these conference calls and get to the store for supplies, maybe we could make some progress. I need marble.

1400h: The tiles are all broken up and they’re shovelling and sweeping. Man oh man is it dusty in here.

1215h: Guys have taken a break. 1/4 of the tiles are gone. I’m figuring mid-day tomorrow before that’s done. Kris has gone for lunch.

1100h: Cabinets are gone. I had to re-cap the plumbing lines, because they wanted a standard rough-in, so the outside faucet is disconnected for the duration. Mental note: plumbing before sink install.

1000h: MICE? WE HAD MICE? Found lots of peanut shells under the old cabinets. Glad the home inspector didn’t find this (Sarcasm, folks). Anyone want his name, so you can avoid using him or his company?

0730h: A good sign. Everyone’s here early. I should have stopped hitting the snooze button.