Holy Duck

An truly ecumenical critter and recent discovery, the holy duck, can be found inside in any home, regardless of religion. This relative of the mallard has an almost cult-like following amongst bad home builders. The donations these builders make to either bring or become members of the holy duck flock are substantial, but tend to disappear into thin air, rather like the hot air from a furnace escaping into the floors instead of out the heating registers. Most of the flock guided by this critter is made of theĀ air duck. As you can imagine, the hot air coming from the holy duck often misses its mark and is not always taken up by air ducks.


Stepping on a holy duck is considered a mortal sin, at least for the duck. It creates more holes and can be fatal too. We’re still trying to find the scientific name of the holy duck, but suspect that science and religion may not be reconcilable in this case. Perhaps we should just remain agnostic as far as believing in the holy duck. Either that, or simply shoot it. Then it will be a truly holy duck, Batman.

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